We are a visionary company in the transport of goods with high qualitifaction, able to manage all types of transport ( national, international, specialty) anywhere that we are required, giving a quality service at an affordable price, because a quality service does not have to be necessarily expensive.

Transportes Generales Servicios Avanzados (TRAGESA), has taken oven of TRAGE, S.A traffic, company with a high reputation and long experience in all types of transport of dutys. Providing us modern and high efficiency, that are the identity signs of Transportes Generales Servicios Avanzados (TRAGESA).

Another company part of the group is TRANSPORTES CABALLERO, S.L.

Our goal is doing a well job, with the maximum customer satisfaction.

We have a quality employees, with logistic skills and they can give us always the best fright solution for your needs.

Transportes Generales Servicios Avanzados

Our secret is the professionalism and respect for our customers,

thats why we have their loyalty and confidence.

Those who contract our services, repeat.